Explained in detail: What are the requirements and how you can enrol for MCC (Master Certified Coach) training program

What is the MCC (Master Certified Coach) training program ?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF), an international coaching organization offers the Master Certified Coach Program (MCC) to aspiring coaches who aim to elevate their coaching skills, deepen their coaching knowledge and become an ICF accredited Master Certified Coach. The MCC program is the third and highest level of coaching accreditation, offered by the ICF.

The MCC (Master Certified Coach) training program is ideal for coaches who are already accredited PCC level coaches and want to take their coaching abilities to the highest level of professionalism, thereby becoming coaching experts.

Many institutes provide virtual ICF-certified MCC (Master Certified Coach) training programs across the world. Interested PCC accredited coaches can opt for the program and become MCC coaches after completing ICF-MCC level of coach training. They can directly apply with ICF for MCC credentials. Credentials gained through the MCC master program should be renewed every three years.

Why is a trained MCC master coach required?

An MCC Master Coach is an extremely experienced and skilled coach who creates a deep level of understanding with their clients. As the word says they are Masters of the craft of coaching. They do not work at the level of solving everyday behavioural issues, rather they work at deeper levels of self and other awareness. They are known to be catalysts for personality change.

MCC certified master coaches are highly trained and experienced coaches. They have extended hours of live client sessions, thus making them confident and knowledgeable mentors to their clients and other aspiring coaches. MCC master coaches are highly proficient with the knowledge of ICF’s Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. They are well-versed with the definition of coaching and work in an unbiased manner with the clients.

What are the requirements of the MCC (Master Certified Coach) training program?

The highest level of ICF accredited coaching, the MCC (Master Certified Coach) training program is a detailed journey towards becoming a proficient coach eligible for imparting coaching assistance to the clients at a deep level.  As it is an intensive training program, participants must be fully committed to getting their accreditation. MCC master program requires a minimum of 6 months of Master Coach training, self-study, mentor coaching, and peer coaching.

Participants should importantly complete the following requirements for the MCC master program:

  • 200 hours of coach-specific training
  • 10 hours of mentoring
  • 2,500 hours (2,200 paid hours) of MCC coaching experience with at least 35 clients
  • Performance evaluation (two audio recordings and written transcripts of coaching sessions)

How can you enrol in the MCC master program?

The MCC master training program is highly beneficial for coaches when they want to shift their coaching focus from “what” to “who” completely. Coaches enrolled in the MCC master program gain constructive insights into their own coaching style and work at more existential levels of behaviour than other coaches. They examine all aspects of their life and behaviour to mould themselves much as a sculptor would make a masterpiece. Once they have worked on their own personality in this manner they are able to help their clients in the same manner as well.

Coaches can become master coaches after completing MCC certification. To reach the level of the MCC master program of certification, coaches need to acquire a deep understanding of coaching and have the required skills to practice coaching like a master.

  • MCC (Master Certified Coach) training program for ICF MCC master coach accreditation is for professionals who are certified PCC accredited coaches.
  • Coaches who wish to elevate their coaching skills to the highest level and attain mastery in coaching can enroll themselves in the MCC master program.
  • Coaches can enroll in the MCC master program by undergoing various levels of coach training but can apply for MCC only once they have acquired a PCC accreditation.

MCC (Master Certified Coach) training program is for professionals who want to create a great impact in their client’s life. They are the “medium of change” that clients require in life. MCC master program is for the coaches who want to work profoundly for understanding themselves and their clients.

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