Choosing The Best International School For Your Child

When you live in Bangkok, and your child is of school age, you will want to give them the best education possible, which usually means sending them to an international school. When you are looking for an international school in Bangkok, Sathorn is an excellent area to choose and start looking, as there are excellent transport links and plenty of excellent schools. Below are some tips to help you with your search so you can find the best international school for your child and ensure they receive an excellent education.

Consider Your Budget

Before you start looking at the various international schools you can send your child to; you must first work out your budget. The cost of the international schools in Bangkok can vary quite drastically, and you need to keep in mind that the school fees will increase every year. However, you can get a discount on the school fees when you send more than one child to a school, so it is worth keeping this in mind when looking for international schools for your child in Bangkok.

Consider The Curriculum You Want Your Child To Learn

Something else you are also going to have to consider before looking at the various international schools for your child is the curriculum you want them to learn. There are many options available in Bangkok and throughout Thailand, and some of the most popular curriculums include:

  • British Curriculum
  • American Curriculum
  • Australian Curriculum
  • French Curriculum
  • Singaporean Curriculum
  • Chinese Curriculum
  • German Curriculum
  • Swiss Curriculum

These are a few of the various curriculums available, but there are more, so you will need to carefully consider which one you prefer and then look at the schools offering the one you want.

The Location Of The School

The school’s location is another vital factor that you must consider when looking for an international school for your child. Bangkok is a vast city, and it sometimes seems like it is one massive traffic jam, so getting around it can be painfully slow. You will want to reduce the daily commute time for your child, so you will want to select a suitable school as close to home as possible. Depending on where you live, you can also choose a school with access to the BTS or MRT transport networks, making getting to and from school much more manageable.

Take your time selecting the best school possible for your child, and you can give them the best start in life and ensure they get a quality education.

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