The Digital Landscape Of College Search

Beyond the expectations of the aspiring students that are applying to their dream colleges, the college search process has also needed to be reshaped as a result of the needs of the institutions recruiting these students. As these recruiters understand that the current generation of students that are applying are fully digital, adjustments to the recruitment strategy were necessary in order to better forge a connection with Gen Z in a competitive space. This requires every institution and the college marketers, recruiters and other professionals that work for them to develop and deliver content to fit their ever-shifting preferences. These major updates are what make an institution’s marketing and communication strategies effective, as the content will rarely differ too much, but its delivery will make all the difference as far as its reach. Understanding this, every college must make the necessary improvements and changes when attempting to maximize their enrollment levels. To learn more about the ways in which institutions are inspiring these changes and the impact it has had on the process at large, check out the infographic paired alongside this post.

The Digital Landscape Of College Search provided by Encoura, a company specializing in graduate program digital marketing

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