Four Factors To Consider When choosing Your Child`s Preschool

When your child is fast becoming ready for school, and you are prepared to look at preschools for them, there are various factors you must consider. You want to ensure you do plenty of research and look at all available options before selecting the school to send your child to and begin their academic careers. Below are four vital factors to consider when selecting a preschool for your child to help make it easier to choose the best one.

Tuition Fees

The preschool tuition fees in Bangkok can vary quite drastically, so you must have a budget in mind for what you can afford to spend on your child`s education. Every year of education gets more expensive, so this is something you must remember when looking at tuition fees. However, if you have more than one child, there are discounts available for families sending multiple children to the same school, which is worth remembering.

The Curriculum

You will also have to consider the curriculum you want your child to learn, and there are various options available in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. Some of the most popular school curriculums include:

  • British
  • American
  • Chinese
  • Swiss
  • German
  • Singaporean
  • French

Consider which curriculum s going to give them the best education, and then you can look for suitable schools that teach from the one you want your child to learn. Sticking with one curriculum will help you narrow your search and make finding the perfect school for your child much easier.

The School Location

Another vital factor to consider when choosing the preschool for your child is where the school that they will attend is located. The traffic in Bangkok can be a nightmare, and the city is often one massive traffic jam, so you will not want your child to travel too far. Alternatively, if you live close to the MRT or BRTS transport networks, you can choose a school close to one of the stations to help make getting to and from school easier.

The School Facilities & Amenities

You will also want to look at the facilities and amenities the school provides and ensure it is a suitable environment for your child. Ensure they have appropriate play equipment and teaching equipment in the classrooms, that the children are well supervised, and classes are not too big. Compare the schools you look at and see what each one offers, and it can help you pick the perfect preschool for your child.

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