What’s Next After Taking Japanese Class

Have you taken a Japanese class but losing your interest in mid-way? Well, don’t be, because you’re moving in the right direction. Keep in mind that learning Japanese brings many benefits to your career. So, if you are wondering what’s next after taking your Japanese class, here are some advantages that will make you even more motivated.

Making a More Valuable CV

A curriculum vitae shows your background, including your excellence. Writing in your CV that you are fluent in Japanese will surely increase your value. Your Japanese proficiency gives you a higher chance for a better job position. As a language spoken by around 130 million people around the globe, Japanese becomes one of the high standard requirements for negotiating a bigger salary.

Joining Conversation Class

Even after you complete all your classes, you can always continue to a different type of class. One of them is the conversation club. Here, you will have a chance to speak more and listen more. The class is also occasionally more casual. So, consider it as a hanging-out time.

Wider Networking

Once your Japanese class ended, make sure to build and maintain a good relationship with your Japanese community. Besides helping you to excel in Nihongo, they will likely share opportunities related to the Japanese language. Who knows that what is started with friendship may lead to a working partnership? So, build as much networking as you can.

Japanese-Related Careers

You maybe take Japanese class only because you are a die-hard fan of Anime, Manga, or fascinated by the country. However, you are now capable of applying for a Japanese-related career. Some of the professions you can try are Japanese translator, tour guide, bilingual customer service specialist, and working for a Japanese company. You don’t have to look for a job in Japan. But by working in a Japanese company in your country and mastering this language, you can speed up your career path.

Higher Studies in Japan

Now that you can speak in Japanese, why not continue your study in the country with their fascinating culture? You don’t have to worry about the language anymore and focus on pursuing your education goal in one of the most technologically advanced countries. Or, you can take a short course while practicing your Japanese with native speakers.

Japanese Content

We live in an era where social media such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc., can create money for you. You may join the club as well. With the ability to speak Japanese, you can create creative content in those social media using your new skill. You can make videos or content about Japanese language tutoring, your country’s folklore narrated in Japanese, a Japanese podcast, and many more.

There are lots of advantages wide open for you after taking a Japanese class. So, if you are in the middle of your learning progress, stay focus on your goal. For you who haven’t join the Japanese class, make sure to enroll quickly. The benefits above will gain you more success.

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