What A Nursing Assistant Is – Know Before Joining A Training Program

Nursing assistants play a crucial role in taking care of a patient. They perform many tasks such as dressing up the patients, repositioning, feeding, and more. These are necessary operations in healthcare clinics, hospitals, and in other places. If you are interested to build your career as a nursing assistant, you need to know everything regarding work, quality, etc.

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An individual who will pass the Certified Nurse Aide exam or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is referred as patient care technician or nurse’s assistant. The following is some information that helps you in getting a clear idea regarding CNA.

Duties of a nursing assistant

The role of nursing assistant is acting as a liaison between doctors and patients. They have to communicate with the staff regarding patient’s issues and needs. Also, they have to perform other tasks such as arranging medical equipment, transporting patients, and conducting necessary examinations.

Becoming a nursing assistant

If you want to be a CNA, you have to take a formal training and then certification exam. Nursing assistant training program involves class room lectures on different topics like necessary first aid, anatomy, infection control.

Also, you can interact with the patients to get hands-on experience in recording patient details, taking height and weight measurements, etc. Generally, the training period of nursing assistant varies depending on the state federal requirements. Few states require 75 hours training while others need 120 hours.

Nursing assistant work throughout a day

Starting the shift – Nursing assistants has to report to their supervision in charger before starting their work. Then, they will receive list of patients’ assignments, reviews, and tasks for whole day.

During shift – They have to help patients in many things like moving around, cleaning, monitoring blood pressure, attentive to their needs, and more. To perform the tasks without any disturbances they will maintain a good relation with the patients.

Ending of shift – At the shift ending, they make notes regarding medicines, food, and care provided to the patients. With this, the next nurse can provide necessary caring and needs for the patients.

If you like to take care of someone, then nursing assistant is a good choice for you. Choose the best institution and get admission to reach your goal.

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