Skillsfuture Work-Study Programmes – Enroll Now For Formal Training!

Work-study programs can help an individual gain advanced knowledge and skill to improve their careers. This is where skillsfuture work-study programmes help people seeking better courses. This program will offer better opportunities for the interested Singaporeans to pursue a work-study course that will meet the industry requirements. This program can include facilitated learning, formal and practical training, work-based projects, and academic study material that will help the individuals to deepen their skill sets at their workplace.

Find a suitable program.

With the help of a work-study program and courses, the applicants will find jobs matching their academic discipline through proper mentorship. The courses will most likely run for 12 to 18 months with intense training sessions. The students will receive starting salary and incentive of around 5,000 dollars for most of the programs.

The training period and the sponsorship packages may vary according to several industries and partnering companies. The courses are even open to working professionals and students. They must hold the base degree or meet the program’s minimum entrance requirements. The program structure and syllabus shall be provided before taking admission. Make sure to check it out thoroughly before choosing the course.

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