What are the Employers Seeking from the New Bartenders in the Market?

So, your CV is fully ready. You have donned the best clothes and reaching to the venue for the interview. You have all the skills that other bartenders may not have. So, what are the bartenders looking for in the new blood? Just bartending is not enough. You need to prove more than your CV. And this is what this article will help you achieve.

  1. A positive attitude and charisma is a cherry on top

The first and foremost thing your employer may notice is your attitude. You should be polite, courteous and friendly. The employers want to know how well you deal with people at first hand. Customer handling skills are being witnessed during the interview, so don’t blow this chance by any means. You don’t need to have a sassy walk, all you need is a simple, “How are you this evening?” etc. to interact with the customers. Your soft skills will take you places. If you want to amp on these skills, you can enroll for emploi bar École du Bar formation.

  1. Show that you care

With a normal CV, it is hard to judge anyone. Hence, you need to show your employer that you care about your job, the venue, and your customers. The employers really want to know what do you think about their bar, how much you love it. If you have been to the venue before, let them know that too. If you haven’t, just pay a visit a day before so as to keep a reference point ready. Showcase your passion for the bar and you will land up in a job in no time.

  1. Be a team player

Employers feel that more than half of their workforce lack teamwork. So you need to prove that you ace at it. A bar team becomes a family in no time. You will be spending a lot of time with the fellow bartenders. You can share your experiences with your employers about working with teams and how you loved it.

  1. Feel free to follow up

Always feel free to follow up on the job. Maybe your employer is confused about whom to hire. So, you can just call them up to ask if you are being considered or not so as to give them a push they need. This proves that you have the passion and can go beyond the call of duty. This is what is looked for in a bartender.

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