American University Scholarship Type

There are many types of scholarships in the United States. Generally speaking, college scholarships that international students can apply for are divided into non-service scholarships and service scholarships. Most schools also have two types of scholarships. Although the money provided may not be the full cost of Cover in one year, most of them are more than 2/3 of the total amount. For students, it is a very good choice and as long as the application skills are good, their own conditions are excellent, and they receive a full prize or even more than one scholarship. Among the two types of scholarships, the non-service scholarship application rate is the largest, and the amount is also the largest. It includes college grants, scholarships, free tuition and fees, and other incentives based on the college itself. There are big differences in the amount and quantity of different colleges.

Service scholarships refer to both teaching assistantships and research grants. This kind of scholarship is generally awarded to graduate students and doctoral students. Undergraduate students receive research grants in a few colleges, but the ratio is relatively small. Service scholarships provide students with a certain amount of cash, and are also exempt from tuition and fees in most colleges, but require such grants to serve 12-20 hours of supplementary instruction or research per week. The “full prize” that we usually hear is generally referred to as Fellowship. Fellowship is the highest-paid, but most competitive non-service scholarship. In addition to tuition fees, accommodation, insurance, and books, Fellowship will also give the winning students a certain amount as their personal expenses, and is tax-free!

However, Fellowship is particularly competitive in the application process. In addition to requiring higher TOEFL, GRE or GMAT scores, it also has better domestic school transcripts, GPA, recommendation letters and reading plans, preferably at the national level or above. Various awards. And the preparation of these materials should pay great attention to skills and make a difference, in order to have the opportunity to get a full scholarship. Scholarship is a scholarship similar to the general scholarship awarded by a domestic university. It can be used in a variety of forms, such as granting a certain amount of money as a scholarship to a student with excellent grades, or a tuition or miscellaneous fee. The specific amount of such scholarship is the amount of tuition and fees prescribed by the college. High and low and different.

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