Benefits of Raising Your Child to Be Bilingual

It can be difficult for parents to raise a bilingual child but there are many benefits if the child learns the second language. Learning a second language is much easier as a child as they can learn faster and easier. They have more time to learn, less to remember, fewer distractions, and a developing brain that can learn faster.

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Benefits of learning a second language

The following are some benefits of learning a second language at a young age.

  • Brain development facilitates fast learning – The brain of a child is structured to absorb new information unconsciously like the way adults learn songs and rhythms. From the age of six to puberty, children are at peak times to learn new languages.
  • Babies have special skills for a second language – Babies can differentiate between sounds from any language up to 10-12 months. After they grow old, they only start understanding the sound of the languages they are exposed to.
  • Children have lesser to learn – Another benefit of learning another language at such a young age is that children have fewer things to think about. They use fewer words, simple sentences, and think simpler and as they grow old, they learn to express their abstract thoughts through both languages.
  • It promotes creative thinking – It is proven that bilinguals can think outside the outside. They have more fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration.
  • It leads to more job opportunities – More and more companies in this global age seek employees who can speak more than one language. They can talk to more people across borders and maintain good relations for companies.
  • It leads to higher test scores – Studies have shown that bilingual students perform better on standardized tests such as SAT and ACT verbal sections.
  • Bilingual children can experience more cultures and travel more – Bilinguals can communicate with people of more cultures and have incredible opportunities for traveling the world. They also understand different cultures and build appreciation and tolerance for them even if they live in an English-speaking area such as Denver.
  • Prevent age-related illness – Studies show that people who speak multiple languages can delay Alzheimer’s disease by 4.5 years. Bilingualism makes the brain more resilient against it.


The above-mentioned points outline the benefits of being bilingual on children and their whole lives ahead.

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